I met Amy years ago through photography, and again when I used the film lab she worked at. Finally, we were able to meet in person so I could document her family in Oklahoma. We gathered at sunset in the wildflower field she held dear. Amy laughed as I was introduced to shooting in the […]

Kate and her babies on a lazy spring day. The wind gently swayed through their backyard, making the light dance across the grass. They snuggled and played and looked for shapes in the clouds until it was time for a snack. There is no prep necessary when snuggling for photos. The process allows me to […]

Fresh air, fragrant blooms, wet grass, and clean white linen. These are the things that Spring brings. My heart always welcomes the next season, especially the later days of lighter skies and all of the blooms bursting to be seen around town. The Stewart family gets to celebrate another trip around the sun with their […]

New Motherhood is a trip. It sometimes feels like the world is going 100mph while you are in the slow lane bumper to bumper with semi-trucks that will not let you go around. The little bubble you live in is just a blurry mess of cries, no sleep, all day snuggles, new anxieties, bliss, and […]

My photography has always been a creative cycle that mimics my own life. I started my business in 2012 during my first year as an art teacher. I was teaching high school and loved shooting senior pictures for my student’s families. That evolved into shooting weddings and families as I began planning my own wedding […]

The Marvelous Mr. Patton has just turned two! His heirloom milestone session was a hit! He was all smiles and giggles. The ability for cameras to freeze times is astonishing considering how on the move this little boy is!   Enjoy!

Riehl welcomed a baby sister and he could not be more proud! Sweet Allie has made her arrival and presence known! We had a gorgeous studio session when she was about 10 days old, and I was struck with all the feels working on this gallery while also pregnant! I can’t wait to see this […]

Abigail is 16 months old and has such a free-spirit! I have been photographing her since the beginning and I kept telling Tyler and Megan how amazing her little personality has become! She has the sweetest little brown curls and the brightest blue eyes. The weather was absolutely perfect for their sunset session and I’m […]

I’m always so humbled to have a new client be referred to me! Anna brought her sweet boy, Porter, to me for his 8 month old Milestone Session after seeing a beloved neighbor’s senior pictures. We hit it off immediately! If I could run a new mom group with all of my clients we would […]

These two brilliant and beautiful kiddos came to the studio to play with me the other day! We jumped on the bed, ate our weight in fruit snacks, and celebrated this year’s milestones! Mama, Melody picked out her favorite heirloom outfits from the client wardrobe and the rest of the process was so easy! I […]

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