When I am not documenting yours I am living mine! My daughters are my most extraordinary accomplishment. They keep me busy and you can find me chasing them with a camera every chance I get. I love to travel and explore new places. I have visited 17 countries and counting. My favorite place is Italy. It truly is breathtaking and the food is all I could ever want in a meal! I enjoy painting when I have free time, biking with my family, and any and all excuses to redecorate my home.

In many ways, photography chose me. As a third generation photographer, I have loved learning the art of film, light, and how to cultivate connections. It’s ingrained in me so much so that I can direct a person to their best angle with the twitch of my chin and the wiggle of my nose. 

I spent my childhood in my Mother’s studio, accidentally apprenticing with her for decades. After a couple of art degrees and nearly a decade of teaching art, I decided to make my part-time adventure, my full time life’s work. I live for chunky baby thighs, a new mother’s gaze, and a good, messy sibling dogpile. I am honored to be invited to document your special moments, the tough times, the new beginnings, and to bear witness to your beautifully ordinary life. 

Meet Valerie Callan

Little toes, a mischievous grin, and a shy snuggle tucked in your neck…these are the moments that we don’t want to lose to memories alone.

I am based in North Alabama and would be honored to photograph your life.

Valerie offers a minimalist, light and airy studio space that has a cozy in-home feel with perfect lighting. She's carefully curated various fine art backdrops and layers and layers of cozy textiles to welcome you and your family to the perfect space for timeless portraits.

No matter the weather outside, the VCP Studio is always ready to welcome you with a cup of coffee and all the comforts of home in the most dreamy light for photos. 

An intimate Photography space for families

About the VCP Studio

I'll never tire of...

my children’s giggles and little voices as they play, the unexpected grasp of a loved one’s hand or the trembling of a thunderstorm with a heavy rain.


I Love the...

colors and smells of fall, gathering in our backyard for fireside chats and pool parties, the first sip of a frothy hot cappuccino and a refreshing iced latte.


I'm Inspired by...

the Impressionist Painters of the late 1800’s, delicate wallpapers under layers of plaster, watercolors, light and the way it moves throughout the home.


I am drawn to the ease and simplicity of film photography. I have never been great at keeping up with trends, neither in fashion nor in the world of photography. I prefer the unique life-like quality of film and its timeless colors. The tones, the texture and grain, the way film enhances the light draping across a scene, it makes the most sense. 

Why Film Photography?

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