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November 15, 2020

NEW MINI SESSIONS COMING IN 2021 | Alexandra & Patton

My photography has always been a creative cycle that mimics my own life. I started my business in 2012 during my first year as an art teacher. I was teaching high school and loved shooting senior pictures for my student’s families. That evolved into shooting weddings and families as I began planning my own wedding and starting my own family. As soon as I became pregnant with Callan, I decided motherhood, babies, families were something I really wanted to invest more time in, including going full time in photography in 2019. Nearly a decade later, I am still shooting them all and feel so fortunate to photograph people as they celebrate their own milestones in life.

This season, as we celebrate Baby Girl Vaughan #2 making her arrival in late winter/early spring.  I want to extend my connection to motherhood with other women about to become mothers or celebrating parenthood in their own unique ways. I will be offering Motherhood Mini Sessions in April 2021 and here is a quick glimpse of the super simple setup. These sessions will be short and sweet. I want these portraits to be beautiful, timeless, simple, and easy as possible for you and your children. Contact me if you would like to be added to the email newsletter announcing the signup for these! Thank you Alexandra and Patton for trusting my vision and being the first to sit for a Motherhood Mini!


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