October 29, 2020

Porter | 8 Month Milestone Session

I’m always so humbled to have a new client be referred to me! Anna brought her sweet boy, Porter, to me for his 8 month old Milestone Session after seeing a beloved neighbor’s senior pictures. We hit it off immediately! If I could run a new mom group with all of my clients we would have the best times together! Let’s hang out even when we aren’t working!!!

Porter was an absolute ham, he though his LeLe (grandmother) was so funny and I appreciate them bringing a loved one along to help him laugh and smile! His blue outfits perfectly complimented his sky blue eyes. Anna came in her favorite pair of jeans and a cozy cream colored sweater for snuggles and then tapped into my Motherhood Client Wardrobe for one of my favorite new blue and taupe MuMu style dresses! She was stunning in both! I always say, keep your outfits simple and have timeless images for a lifetime!




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