October 30, 2019

Raphael + Amanda’s Wedding Day | Saint Gertrude Parish

Raphael and Amanda like to blaze their own path. If you are lucky enough to share a life with them, you know it is nothing short of non-stop fun and entertainment. Their love is rooted in years together.  They have worked incredibly hard in their careers all while creating two adorable children that were every bit a part of their wedding day.

Thankfully, I have been given countless opportunities to document different stages of their lives. I have grown to know and love them and their family. I met Amanda years ago while we both served at Montelle Winery in Augusta, MO. She was too young at the time to assist with wine tastings, but in true Amanda fashion, that didn’t hold her back from working harder than anyone on shift.  A couple of years later, I met Raphael, or as many who know him like to call him, Cinco. I was trying to get in shape for my own bridesmaids duties and he was a ruthless trainer with a brilliant white smile there to cheer you on.

Thankfully, I do know them, better than most couples I shoot because I had a horrible moment of insane panic when my cameras and my second shooter’s cameras were both unexpectedly locked into my car with the key fob in the car!!! A faulty fob triggered the car to lock itself and we were in transition from the wedding to portraits along the way to the reception. WHAT NOW?! I was ready to break a window to my car. I sobbed, I panicked, I did what every wedding professional knows not to do, I CALLED THE BRIDE on the party bus. She called on the groom…..who called on the groomsman….that knows a tow truck guy…. that lives down the road and twenty-five minutes and $60 bucks later (that Raphael secretly paid) we were back in business.

This is just one of countless examples of who Amanda and Cinco are as wonderful humans. Amanda comforted my tears, the party continued on and off the bus while we waited for the lockout. They made me feel better on THEIR wedding day. This is who they are, selfless and kind. I was so incredibly honored to document their day and I sincerely could not have asked for a better couple to have my first lock out moment with! Thank you Perry Family for always being so fun to be around, including me in your day, and trusting me with these beautiful memories.

Ceremony at Saint Gertrude Parish in Krakow, MO and Reception at The Elks Lodge in Washington, MO.


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