August 28, 2019

Salt Lake City Film Adventures

We traveled to Salt Lake City this June for my husband’s MotoAmerica race in Tooele, Utah. We had a few days to explore SLC and even took a little road trip south to Mona, Utah to see some lavender fields in bloom amongst the gorgeous mountain landscape. We walked through the Utah State Capital building and nearby grounds. We ventured to Temple Square and admired the architecture. By accident we took a two hour detour through the mountains on the most dangerous road known to man and saw three Elk, the world’s largest copper mine, several rushing brooks, and the most gorgeous sunset. We survived the most disgusting cult of sand gnats on the beaches of the Great Salt Lake and ate the best mole sauce at the Red Iguana.  Traveling is a close second to my favorite love affair.

I took my film cameras along to capture a few shots of the visit along the way. These were all shot on 35mm fuji400h with the Canon 1v or 120mm Portra400 on the Mamiya 645af.


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