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Family | Isabella and Eva |

Faust Park + Town and Country Golf Club

After a few weeks of gorgeous weather, of course it would be freezing outside the day I met up with my favorite little girls! I have photographed these blue-eyed sisters since they were newborns and love how much their personalities change each time I see them! Isabella and Eva were champs and gladly accepted jellybeans for photo op payments in the bitter cold. Thanks so much to Town and Country Golf Club for allowing us a moment to warm up! Prepare yourself for Easter dress cuteness and make sure you scroll to the very end to see how a 2 and 3 year old indicate they are maxed out on a photo shoot! Happy Easter All!


EmelSIsters_0219 EmelSIsters_0220

EmelSIsters_0222 EmelSIsters_0223 EmelSIsters_0224 EmelSIsters_0225 EmelSIsters_0226 EmelSIsters_0227 EmelSIsters_0228 EmelSIsters_0229 EmelSIsters_0230 EmelSIsters_0232 EmelSIsters_0233 EmelSIsters_0234 EmelSIsters_0235 EmelSIsters_0236 EmelSIsters_0237 EmelSIsters_0238 EmelSIsters_0239 EmelSIsters_0240 EmelSIsters_0241 EmelSIsters_0242


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