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February 28, 2016

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Indian Creek Family Session

This little family session is not only of my future sister-in-law and her hubby, but also my very first nephew! We had a fun day getting little B out and about out the Great-Grandparent’s Farm down by Little Indian Creek. Enjoy!



Brad+Jenna_VCP_0259 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0260 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0261  Brad+Jenna_VCP_0263

Brad+Jenna_VCP_0262Brad+Jenna_VCP_0264 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0265 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0266 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0267 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0268 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0269 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0270 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0271 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0272 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0273 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0274 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0275 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0276 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0277 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0278 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0279 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0280 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0281 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0282


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