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Newborn | Parker |

Deer Hide Newborn

Nothing better than being born in December….but I may be a little bias! Baby Parker came just two days after my birthday and joined his two big sisters at home. I believe this is the only newborn that would ever let me take him outside on a warm winter day. I loved the deer hide and antlers his dad provided for the shoot, Parker loved snuggling up in the warm fur. This little guy is already learning the ins and outs of the hunt.



Parker_Newborn_0208Parker_Newborn_0254 Parker_Newborn_0253 Parker_Newborn_0252 Parker_Newborn_0251 Parker_Newborn_0250 Parker_Newborn_0249 Parker_Newborn_0248 Parker_Newborn_0247 Parker_Newborn_0246 Parker_Newborn_0245 Parker_Newborn_0244 Parker_Newborn_0243 Parker_Newborn_0242 Parker_Newborn_0241 Parker_Newborn_0240 Parker_Newborn_0239 Parker_Newborn_0238 Parker_Newborn_0237 Parker_Newborn_0236

Parker_Newborn_0234 Parker_Newborn_0233 Parker_Newborn_0232 Parker_Newborn_0231 Parker_Newborn_0230 Parker_Newborn_0229 Parker_Newborn_0228 Parker_Newborn_0227 Parker_Newborn_0226 Parker_Newborn_0225 Parker_Newborn_0224 Parker_Newborn_0223 Parker_Newborn_0222

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