October 12, 2015

Wedding | Brad + Jenna |

Churchill Museum + Fulton Country Club Wedding

So before you check out this gorgeous wedding from Westminster College’s Churchill Museum, just know that Brad and Jenna are awesome. The nicest kind of people you could ever meet. Jenna smiles non-stop, I had to coax her into some of her serious faces which immediately melted into giggles. Brad loves Jenna. Brad adores his new wife, just watching him watch her all day made my job incredibly easy. I first met Jenna when she was in the bridal party of another VCP Bride, and was extremely excited when she looked me up to document her and Brad’s Big Day. And a BIG day it was!

We started at Jenna’s parents home as the girls finished getting ready in the coolest kimono robes I have ever seen! We gathered up the gals (they literally piled in my SUV) and headed to Westminster College in Fulton, MO to shoot the ladies on the beautiful campus that in 1946 Winston Churchill put on the map when he delivered his world-famous Iron Curtain Speech. The Museum and Church were beautifully historical and provided a wonderful venue for Brad and Jenna’s vows.

Check out when Brad first sees Jenna coming down the aisle. Jenna giggled the whole way! After the I do’s, the kiss, and the processional, We all headed out to the Fulton Country Club for more pictures! Jenna and Brad even raced some golf carts in a little friendly marital competition!  We then headed inside to introduce the Doerhoff’s, to eat a delicious dinner, and dance the night away!

Brad+Jenna_VCP_0232 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0231 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0230 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0229 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0228

Brad+Jenna_VCP_0196 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0195 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0194 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0191 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0193 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0192 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0190

Brad+Jenna_VCP_0249 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0248 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0247 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0246 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0245 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0244 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0243 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0242 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0241 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0240 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0239 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0238 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0237 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0236 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0235 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0234 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0233 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0227 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0226 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0225 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0223 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0215 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0214 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0213 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0212 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0211 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0210 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0209 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0208 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0207 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0206



Brad+Jenna_VCP_0224 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0222 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0221 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0220 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0219 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0218 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0217 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0216 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0205 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0204 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0203 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0202 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0201

Brad+Jenna_VCP_0250 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0251 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0252 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0254

Brad+Jenna_VCP_0200 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0199 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0198 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0197



Brad+Jenna_VCP_0185Brad+Jenna_VCP_0186 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0188




Brad+Jenna_VCP_0178 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0179 Brad+Jenna_VCP_0177




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