September 21, 2015

Anniversary | Jake + Kayla |

St. Louis Forest Park Anniversary Session

Kayla and Jake have a lot to celebrate! Kayla, a former Art student of mine, and now a good friend, contacted me to shoot her and her boyfriend’s pictures. These two are the definition of young love! I am here to say, you don’t have to be engaged, married, or having a child to get pictures with your significant other. You never  know, 50 years from now, when Jake and Kayla are still holding each other’s hands, they will be able to look fondly back on their dating years and how much fun this time in life truly is!

Jake+Kayla_VCP_0202 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0201  Jake+Kayla_VCP_0199 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0198 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0197 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0196 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0195 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0194 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0193 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0192 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0191 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0190 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0189 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0188 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0187 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0186 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0185 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0184 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0183 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0182 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0181 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0180 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0179 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0178 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0177 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0176 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0175

Jake+Kayla_VCP_0166 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0174 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0173 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0172 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0171 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0170 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0169 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0168 Jake+Kayla_VCP_0167


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