December 4, 2016

Michael + Heather | Engagement |

Lonedell, Missouri Sunset Engagement

It was a gorgeous mid-October day in Missouri for the perfect sunset engagement session. Heather and Michael have been dating for years, but recently decided to make their union more permanent! They took a trip out to Colorado and Michael surprised her with a ring! Of course Heather said, Yes! (or at least she thinks she did) After the shock of the proposal, she definitely said, Yes!

We started our shoot at Michael’s family home where they enjoyed one of Michael’s favorite pastimes, his horses. Heather is by far the BIGGEST animal lover I know and this was perfect for the two of them. Then we ventured out to Heather’s family home and found the perfect hilltop view and romantic dock just in time for sunset.

I can not wait to shoot their wedding in September of next year, until then, enjoy these pretties!



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