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April 28, 2016

Prom 2016 | Brady + Sadie |

Boho-Inspired Prom with a ‘Stud’ebaker

Sadie and I can get a lot done in less than thirty minutes. After what was a very quick Prom Mini-Session with her beau, Brady, we captured some great “high school sweetheart” memories. Sadie’s bohemian dress is from the boutique she spends her days working at, so you can bet she had a keen eye for the right dress when it came into the shop. It fits her free-spirit, bright smile, and long locks effortlessly. Brady is a pretty great prom date too. Who knew Prom-Ken came with an amazingly gorgeous Studebaker truck. These two are too adorbs. Check them out!

SadieProm_0186 SadieProm_0185 SadieProm_0184 SadieProm_0183 SadieProm_0182

SadieProm_0157SadieProm_0181 SadieProm_0180 SadieProm_0179 SadieProm_0178 SadieProm_0177 SadieProm_0176 SadieProm_0175 SadieProm_0174 SadieProm_0173 SadieProm_0172

SadieProm_0171SadieProm_0170SadieProm_0169 SadieProm_0168

SadieProm_0158SadieProm_0167 SadieProm_0166 SadieProm_0165 SadieProm_0164 SadieProm_0163 SadieProm_0162 SadieProm_0161 SadieProm_0160 SadieProm_0159


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