April 21, 2016

Pacific Prom 2016

Pacific Prom in Forest Park

Two of my favorite seniors from the Class of 2016 got their pals together and let me shoot them looking their very best this past weekend! These young guys and gals are truly the best. They were a fun group if you can’t tell 🙂 Enjoy!

PacificProm_0135 PacificProm_0136 PacificProm_0137 PacificProm_0138 PacificProm_0140 PacificProm_0141 PacificProm_0142 PacificProm_0143 PacificProm_0144 PacificProm_0145 PacificProm_0146 PacificProm_0147 PacificProm_0148 PacificProm_0150 PacificProm_0151 PacificProm_0152 PacificProm_0153 PacificProm_0154 PacificProm_0155 PacificProm_0156


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