April 16, 2016

Senior | Paige + Courtney |

Saint Alban’s Country Club Senior Sisters

Soooo excited to share these sisters today on the blog! Paige is a senior this year, graduating in a few short weeks and her little sister Courtney will graduate next May! After having shot Paige’s first Senior Session this fall, we knew we wanted to take more in the Spring. This time, Courtney joined to kick off her upcoming senior year and to celebrate the last few months being under the same roof! These two are not only close in age, but also share a sweet love for each other along with the normal sister antics.

We had so much fun wandering around the Country Club of Saint Albans taking pictures and a few behind the scenes snapchat videos you should only be so lucky to have seen! As much as these two like to tease each other, they also look after the other to the moon and back. Their parents may have a hard time sending these beauties off.  I am so thankful to get the chance to work with them!

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