September 7, 2015

Engagement | Michael + Jenna |

Kansas City Plaza Engagement

A quick trip to Kansas City to meet up with designer and blogger Jenna of J.Lynn Designery and her hubby to be, Michael. These two are KC transplants and quickly making it their home. Michael is well on his way through Medical School and Jenna, and Indiana native, has recently launched her design empire, check her out, she is seriously Amazing!  I actually met Jenna last February at GoBlog Social in KC where we became Insta-friends. I was so honored when she called me up to shoot her engagement! We will also be wedding weekend twins, when I get married on their one year anniversary! Enjoy!

Michael+Jenna_VCP_02 Michael+Jenna_VCP_03 Michael+Jenna_VCP_04 Michael+Jenna_VCP_05

Michael+Jenna_VCP_06 Michael+Jenna_VCP_46 Michael+Jenna_VCP_45 Michael+Jenna_VCP_44 Michael+Jenna_VCP_43 Michael+Jenna_VCP_42 Michael+Jenna_VCP_41 Michael+Jenna_VCP_40 Michael+Jenna_VCP_39 Michael+Jenna_VCP_38 Michael+Jenna_VCP_37 Michael+Jenna_VCP_36 Michael+Jenna_VCP_35 Michael+Jenna_VCP_34 Michael+Jenna_VCP_33 Michael+Jenna_VCP_32 Michael+Jenna_VCP_31 Michael+Jenna_VCP_30 Michael+Jenna_VCP_29 Michael+Jenna_VCP_28 Michael+Jenna_VCP_27 Michael+Jenna_VCP_26 Michael+Jenna_VCP_25 Michael+Jenna_VCP_24 Michael+Jenna_VCP_23 Michael+Jenna_VCP_22 Michael+Jenna_VCP_21 Michael+Jenna_VCP_20 Michael+Jenna_VCP_19 Michael+Jenna_VCP_18 Michael+Jenna_VCP_17 Michael+Jenna_VCP_16 Michael+Jenna_VCP_15 Michael+Jenna_VCP_14 Michael+Jenna_VCP_13 Michael+Jenna_VCP_12 Michael+Jenna_VCP_11 Michael+Jenna_VCP_10 Michael+Jenna_VCP_09 Michael+Jenna_VCP_08 Michael+Jenna_VCP_07


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